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April Fools 0

April Fool’s Day 2014 in Video Games

It’s April Fool’s day, which means nothing on the internet can be trusted.  That is especially true in the world of video games, where many prominent studios and teams come up with some downright dirty stories.  Some things do end up being legit, though, as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was first seen on April Fool’s day last year.  Aside […]

3DS 8

Pokemon Y — Post-Game Impressions

In case you missed it, I wrote two other articles detailing my initial reactions The latest iteration of Pokemon has been out almost a month now and it’s still got a firm hold of me.  I’ve detailed a lot of my feelings in my two previous articles (linked above).  First time players and those who haven’t played since early generations […]

3DS 9

Pokemon Y — First Impressions

As avid a gamer as I am, it’s probably surprising that Pokemon hasn’t always been on my radar.  I mean, Red is one of my earliest and fondest gaming experiences, as almost anyone in my generation can say.  I still have my original Red cartridge (we all know Red was better than Blue) and loved my Blastoise.  But, aside from […]