Fire Emblem Heroes — Review

Tactical RPGs are my jam.  There’s just something about playing chess with swords, fireballs, and monsters that really clicks for me.  One of the better recent spins on the genre is The Banner Saga.  If you want a more established franchise, look no further than Fire Emblem.  I’ve only played a few entries in the series, namely the two excellent Game Boy Advance titles and Awakening on 3DS, but the grand stories and permadeath are always intriguing.  Fire Emblem Heroes, a mobile title released a few weeks ago, does away with a few series staples and has an endgame problem, but it’s still a fun game well worth the $0 price of admission.


Tiny battles between tiny heroes on tiny screens.  Fire Emblem Heroes is flawed but cute.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Android) — Review

Hearthstone has grown quite a bit in it’s young life, from fledgling beta to a full-blown game with tournaments, well-known Twitch players, and a large community.  I wrote about it last year and played for a while, but the recent port to Android phones got me hooked again.  I’m glad it did, because I simply can’t stop playing.

Deck-building adventure awaits!

A deck-building adventure awaits!

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