South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360) — Review

I don’t know how South Park does it.  It originally aired back in 1997 and remains funny through today.  I was all set to get The Stick of Truth when it came out back in April, but stayed away due to some bugs on the game’s release.  After a long, long stint with Destiny (can’t wait for Iron Banner v2.0) and a run with Super Smash Bros, I decided it was time.

I’m not going to beat around the bush — The Stick of Truth is one of the best games I’ve played all year.

Welcome to Kupa Keep, the human encampment in Cartman's backyard.

Welcome to Kupa Keep, the human encampment in Cartman’s backyard.

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Part 2 — Review

Check out my reviews of the full game, Clash in the Clouds, and Burial at Sea Part 1!

Black screen.  Ominous music.  You hear the familiar, yet anxious voice of Booker Dewitt saying, “Liz, I’m so sorry!”  The equally familiar sound of a Big Daddy’s drill revving comes screaming over everything until Elizabeth replies, “No, you’re not… but you’re about to be.”  This is where part one of Burial at Sea leaves off and where part two begins.  It’s a satisfying finish to the Burial at Sea story and full of great tie-ins to the Bioshock universe if you’re a series junkie, like me.

*** Spoilers for the main game or Burial at Sea part one may follow ***

Not so much the damsel in the tower now, is she?


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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — Review

Running up and down a building vertically.  Hopping between missiles being fired at you by a helicopter to cut it in half.  Ripping spines out of other cyborgs to heal yourself.  These are a few of the things you will do in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  It’s an absolute blitz of giving physics the finger, but can be incredibly frustrating at times.

Using his sword with his foot is one of the least impressive things Raiden does.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II — Review

I’ve decided to take a break from my recent run of new releases and knock out a few old Xbox 360 games I’ve been meaning to play.  First up on the list, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.  I played through the first one multiple times because I enjoyed it so much.  Unfortunately, the sequel is incredibly short and underwhelming.  This is not the game you’re looking for.

This Storm Trooper nailed where this game lands — flat on it’s back

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The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 1 — Live Blog

After Season 1 was so good that it made me cry, it’s a no-brainer (heh) that I would get into the second season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead as soon as I could.  I think it’s kind of silly to do a review a 90 minute piece of content that’s only 20% of a whole story, I’ve decided to do a live blog.  That means that, by default, this post will be riddled with spoilers, so please read on at your own risk.  *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

If she dies at the end… I don’t even know

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Part 1 — Review

Full game review

The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite, Clash in the Clouds, was fun enough in it’s own right but not what players had their sights set on.  No, that would be Burial at Sea, the two-part campaign bringing us into a pre-destroyed Rapture as Booker and Elizabeth.  Part one has been out for some time, but I finally got around to playing it today.  If you’ve played the main game, you really should play Burial at Sea. *** Spoilers for the main game may follow ***

No Gods or kings, only Elizabeth

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