Severed (Vita) — Review

You know what game is excellent?  Guacamelee, a Metroidvania game starring a Mexican wrestler that I played as a PS+ freebie a while back.  DrinkBox Studios is back with another colorful, Mexican folk themed game for the Vita with Severed.  I’ve owned a Vita for a few months but I’ve only used it as a PS4 streaming device.  Severed was the first game to make me go out and actually buy a memory card (what is this, the stone age?) so I could play a Vita game.

So, was it worth it?  Severed is the second game I’ve ever got a platinum trophy on, if that’s any indication.  It’s an incredible game.

Severed has the most colorful depictions of grotesque beings that you'll ever see.

Hacking limbs off of colorful, grotesque beings is a hell of a good time.

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