What We Know So Far About Destiny 2

Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain on Destiny 2.  An hour long stream gave us our first look at how the world will look, feel, and play after the Red Legion attacks the Tower.  I unfortunately didn’t get an invite to the event so I’ve gathered all the info I can without seeing Destiny 2 in person.  Let the hype commence!

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

The holidays have come and gone.  Game of the Year awards are being handed out across the internet.  It’s time to look ahead to 2017 and what the next year of gaming has in store.

It's got more of Rockstar's wild west, for one.

It’s got more of Rockstar’s wild west, for one.

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E3 2015 Roundup

E3, the biggest gaming convention of the year, has come and gone.  Plenty of people will declare their winners and losers, but I’m just going to focus on the biggest things that came out of it for me personally.

This being chief among that category.

This being chief among them.

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My Most Anticipated Games Of 2014

Now that 2013 is officially behind us and every site has given out their game of the year awards, let’s turn our attention to 2014.  Here are the games I’m most looking forward to:

You can bet your ass that No Man’s Sky is on this list

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