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Don’t Starve — Review

There are so many things that can kill you in Don’t Starve that it’s almost impossible to list them all.  In my eight plays, I’ve died to: a ravenous dog, eating tainted meat, a bird with legs three times taller than me (twice), a frog, and a swarm of bees (twice).  It can be grueling, but the ever-lurking “will this […]

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Injustice: Gods Among Us — Review

Fighting games have always intrigued me, even though, no matter how hard I try and how long I practice, I just suck at them.  Except for Smash Bros — I’m not so horrible at that.  Anyway, Injustice: Gods Among Us has interested me for a while.  A fighting game where heroes and villains duke it out?  Sweet!  Thankfully, my optimism […]

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes isn’t a game you should go into looking for innovation.  It’s a story you’ve heard thousands of times before — New York City is in danger and must be saved.   The general gameplay is similar to any LEGO game you’ve played before.  What makes the game stand out is the never-gets-old look and feel of […]

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Need for Speed Rivals — Review

Your car is beat to hell.  Cops are coming at you in all directions.  You have to make a decision — do you go for broke or play it safe?  Screw it, you go for it.  You burnout in your 200MPH+ supercar and peel away, trying to finish that street race the 5-0 started tailing you for.  One last corner […]

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Resogun and Contrast — Review

One of the first things I did as an owner of a shiny new PS4 was to sign up for PS+, Sony’s version of Xbox Live.  On top of being able to play multiplayer, Sony gives out a few free games every month.  The first batch of games for the PS4 are Resogun and Contrast.  The short of it: Resogun might […]