Path of Exile – Review

Well, now that I’ve finished up Bioshock Infinite, I’m in a bit of a lull.  No new games are really appealing to me so I’m looking through my backlog for stuff I’ve started but not finished.  I wanted so, so badly for Diablo 3 to grab me and never let go, especially after playing Diablo 2 so much that I had to buy a new disc because my original got so scratched, but it just never happened.  Path of Exile is a completely free-to-play action RPG that I played a while ago and decided to give another run.  I’m really happy that I did.

Path of Exile is taking a note from mega-popular Minecraft in that it’s been in open beta for a few months now and will be for a while.  It’s got an isometric camera (again, think Diablo) and some story that I couldn’t care less about.  Action RPGs need to give you the feeling of “I can tear through these 10 mobs at once without getting scratched” and Path of Exile does a pretty good job with that.  Path certainly does that, but the unorthodox game mechanics are what have pulled me in more than anything.  For one, take a look at the passive skill tree: they claim there are 1350 nodes on the tree.  It’s like the Final Fantasy X sphere grid on meth.  The class you choose determines two things: your starting stats and where you start on the tree.  After that, character building is completely up to you.  If you want to make a 2-handed barbarian (my current character), you can go right ahead.  Want to make a mage with a bow?  Ranger with two daggers?  Pantsless old man with zombies?

I’m not kidding. This is the templar character, sans pants.

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