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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Part 2 — Review

Check out my reviews of the full game, Clash in the Clouds, and Burial at Sea Part 1! Black screen.  Ominous music.  You hear the familiar, yet anxious voice of Booker Dewitt saying, “Liz, I’m so sorry!”  The equally familiar sound of a Big Daddy’s drill revving comes screaming over everything until Elizabeth replies, “No, you’re not… but you’re about […]


Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Part 1 — Review

Full game review The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite, Clash in the Clouds, was fun enough in it’s own right but not what players had their sights set on.  No, that would be Burial at Sea, the two-part campaign bringing us into a pre-destroyed Rapture as Booker and Elizabeth.  Part one has been out for some time, but I finally […]


Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds — Review

Full game review Bioshock Infinite sits firmly in near the top of my “best games ever” list.  It wasn’t perfect, though.  The combat could be clunky/unfair at times.  And how cool would it be to play as Elizabeth?  We’ve been told to expect the latter in a two-part series in due time, but for now we are given the former.  Clash […]