I’m back!  After a 228 day absence (wow) I’m making a return to my blog.  I got too caught up in posting something every week and writing became more of a chore than a hobby.  I didn’t stop playing games, of course, and even started to focus more on drawing.  Here’s a shameless plug to my Instagram account where I house those drawings.

So yes, I’m officially back in the blog game.  I had been thinking about more lately and a coworker’s spouse’s desire to read my thoughts on God of War pushed me over the edge.  Spoiler alert: God of War is incredible.  I’m not finished with it yet so this isn’t a full review.  This is the first post in what will hopefully become a quick-and-dirty weekly post of what I’m playing, watching, or looking forward to going into the weekend.  Time to knock the writing rust off.

God of War

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Sony’s latest first-person game.  God of War is Kratos’s first game on PS4 and my first entry to the series overall.  Reviews were overwhelmingly positive to the point of a 95 on Metacritic.  Everything about the game is incredible: the combat, the AI system for Kratos’s son Atreus, the presentation, all of it.  Time absolutely flies when playing God of War, too.  Each time I think to myself that I’ll just do one more little thing it spirals into another hour of demon killing.  It’s a serious contender for game of the year.

I’ll have a full review up once I finish the game which will hopefully be in another week or so.



Blizzard’s free-to-play card game has roped me back in for the fourth or fifth time.  The turn of the in-game year came with some huge changes including rotating out three sets of cards, adding the new Witchwood set, two new keywords Rush and Echo, and a new solo adventure called Monster Hunter.  Minions with Rush are like Charge-lite.  They can attack other minions the first turn they are played but not heroes.  Cards with Echo are returned to your hand when played and can be played again on the same turn if you have the mana cost.  For example, if you play a two-mana card with Echo you’ll get a copy added to your hand to be played again, which can add another copy if you play that second card.  The copies disappear after the turn, though.

Two new legendary minions have made for some interesting decks.  Baku Mooneater upgrades your hero power if you have all odd-cost cards in your deck.  Genn Greymane makes your hero power cost one mana if you have all even-cost cards.  I’ve been running an even-cost Shaman with a 58.5% win rate.  My wife is testing out Monster Hunt as I type this so I’ll probably try it out myself shortly.


Overwatch League

Speaking of Blizzard, I absolutely love the Overwatch League.  I live in NY so I follow the top-ranked NYXL but I watch a few other games each week aside from their two games.  I’m even in a fantasy league via Winston’s Lab with seven other people.  I haven’t gone so far as buying a jersey (yet) but that will come with time I’m sure.

If you haven’t seen OWL yet and want to check it out, the two biggest games of the weekend are LA Gladiators vs Houston Outlaws at 9pm ET Friday and Seoul Dynasty vs NYXL at 6pm ET on Saturday.  Even if you aren’t an Overwatch fan, I recommend checking it out for the production value alone.  Blizzard built a dedicated arena in LA for the Overwatch League and packs the house four nights a week.  There is pre- and post-match analysis, two broadcasters per game, and some solid camera work amidst the 6v6 chaos.

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