E3, the biggest gaming convention of the year, has come and gone.  Plenty of people will declare their winners and losers, but I’m just going to focus on the biggest things that came out of it for me personally.

This being chief among that category.
This being chief among them.

Fallout 4 exists!  And is coming out soon!!  Hooray!!!

Yes, that's a jetpack on power armor.  You may continue salivating.
Yes, that’s a jetpack on power armor. You may continue salivating.

You may have heard the gaming world as a whole explode with joy before E3 officially began when Bethesda decided to announce the long-rumored Fallout 4.  It will be set in Boston and feature gameplay both before and after the big nuclear apocalypse.  Woohoo!

It sounds like it’s going to be jam-packed with goodies, too.  Base building, weapon and armor crafting (see the jetpack power armor above), the return of the amazing VATS system, etc.  The collector’s edition with an actual Pip-Boy is selling out all over creation, so if you want one you should keep your eyes peeled.  Bethesda developers have also confirmed that PC mods will be playable on PS4.  Fallout 4 is currently slated for November of this year.


Destiny’s third expansion is coming in three months



Turns out that the Red Bull leak from a few weeks ago was legitimate — Destiny’s third expansion, The Taken King, is coming out in September.  The story is supposed to be a lot more cinematic, which I’m definitely looking forward to.  A third raid will be added to the game to take down the expansion’s boss Oryx, who is the father of Crota, the raid boss from The Dark Below.  Oryx is enslaving other races and modifying them to do his bidding.  Sign me up!

Bungie is also finally filling in those third subclass slots, giving each class access to each element.  Titans, a.k.a. the best class (editors note: I play a Titan), are getting the Sunbreaker class, allowing them to pop into third person and throw flaming hammers like Thor.  Warlocks can now be Stormcallers and go into a crazy Sith Lord lightning storm mode.  Hunters are getting a giant void bow with the Nightstalker subclass.  I’ve been playing Destiny like crazy since House of Wolves came out and it looks like I won’t be stopping anytime soon.


Final Fantasy VII is getting an official remake 

What else needs to be said?
What else needs to be said?

Square Enix dropped what may have been bombshell of the show.  After nearly 20 years, Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake.  The official trailer even references how many people were clamoring for it for so long.  Cloud and the crew will be back in an undisclosed amount of time.  Square Enix has said this isn’t simply a remaster, though.  Key character or elements may even change to adapt FFVII to today’s gaming landscape.  I’ve already got money set aside for this.


The Last Guardian is no longer a ghost story

First Duke Nukem Forever, now this.
First Duke Nukem Forever, now this.

I’ve only been a Playstation guy for a few years now, so The Last Guardian doesn’t hold a sore spot in my heart like it does for some people I know.  It was first announced at E3 in 2009 and essentially hasn’t been seen since.  Sony continued to deny it’s complete death for years and finally showed real gameplay to the world at E3.  I’ll be honest — it looks a bit like a PS3 game that was migrated to a PS4 game.  Then again, I’m sure we weren’t seeing finished gameplay footage in the trailer, so anything can change.  In any event, The Last Guardian has left the likes of Half Life 3 behind and is now an actual game with actual, visible gameplay.  Neat.


Horizon: Zero Dawn looks super interesting

Eight year old me is having a heart attack right now.
Eight year old me is having a heart attack right now.

Guerilla Games, known for the Killzone line of games, showed us Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game where a girl with a bow in hunting furs is chasing and killing robot/dinosaurs hybrids that have risen up after the great cities of man have fallen.  I know, that sounds like a third grader’s dream.  I’ve never played a Killzone game, but I can definitely say that Horizon: Zero Dawn looks interesting.  I mean, just look at what I said.  Robot dinosaur hybrids.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about the game being bland, some even comparing it to Watch Dogs in that it may have a cool wow factor but not have any actual substance.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this game for sure.


Mass Effect is coming back with Andromeda


A new galaxy, a new lead character, a new squad of teammates.  Set years after the original (and fantastic) Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda will bring players back to the well-established universe for … well, we don’t know for what.  Are the Reapers back?  Civil war?  Is something else entirely coming to destroy all life?  Bioware hasn’t said yet, but color me excited.

One important choice Bioware has made is to subtitle the game Andromeda rather than call it Mass Effect 4.  This should help people distance it from the original trilogy and avoid a lot of “where does Shepard fit into all of this?” questions.


Gears of War 4 is in the works, will force me into buying an Xbox One

More Lancers, more Horde, more blood.
More Lancers, more Horde, more blood.

While I don’t have an Xbox One quite yet and I was most likely going to get one for Halo 5, the announcement of Gears of War 4 has finalized it.  I’ve played every Gears game through multiple times with my former roommate and this will be no exception.  Now I’m sad about Dom again.  Anyway, there isn’t much in the line of news about Gears 4 just yet, but it is set to come out for holiday 2016.  I’d expect details to be drip-fed over the next year.


“Metroid Prime” is back with Federation Force


This is infuriating.  Metroid fans like me have been wishing for a new game for years.  The third Prime game for the Wii is still the best use of Wii controls I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t play Other M, but Samus has been on hiatus for quite some time.  Nintendo is bringing Metroid back with Federation Force, a 3DS co-op game set in the Metroid Prime universe.

What the hell?  Samus is supposed to appear in the game, but will not be playable.  I’m flat out pissed.  I want a new Metroid game, a platformer/puzzler with Samus, space pirates, Ridley, and metroids.  I don’t want this.  The Metroid subreddit is less than pleased, as well.


Another South Park game was announced out of nowhere

Whoa, what?  Awesome!
Whoa, what? Awesome!

This came out of left field.  South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are back with a second game, The Fractured But Whole.  Their most recent game, The Stick of Truth, was easily one of the best games I played last year.  This new game will again follow the South Park gang as players control a new kid in town.


No Man’s Sky gameplay looks very pretty

Just take it all in.
Just take it all in.

People who know me or read this blog know that I’ve been looking forward to No Man’s Sky since it’s announcement in 2013.  We got to see some new gameplay at E3 and it looks very pretty.  I’m still a bit in the dark about what the goal or point of the game is other than exploring.  Even if that’s it, I’m still excited.

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