Destiny is a game that I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time.  I’ve got many, many hours logged on both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach so Bungie’s next venture is definitely something on my watch list.  I played the open beta this past weekend as did my friend Aaron.  We sat down to talk it over, what we liked, didn’t like, and are hoping makes it into launch.

Did you try it? What did you think?

Matt: So the Beta was finally this weekend.  It was very pretty, right?

Aaron:  So pretty.  One of the first things I was gonna say was, when I played the alpha, I remember just sitting my character down and staring off into the ether.  I just sorta did the same thing when my Ghost was fixing the ship in the beta.  I sat down, kinda looked around and hung out.  Cause you feel like you can do that.  You can just hang out and watch stuff.  Take it all in.

Matt:  Agreed.  I was blown away at first.  I think it’s safe to say that “next-gen” graphics are officially here.

Oooooo. Ahhhhhh.

Aaron: The only other thing I wanted to mention specifically was the melee.  My tactics in online shooters, especially in something like this where you can shoot someone and hit ’em to finish the job, is that I attempt to calculate how much life the other guy is gonna have left when I get up there.

Matt: So you can get nice and cozy and finish it off?

Aaron: Yeah.  I was fighting some Captains on one mission and was hoping I’d have enough health when I got close to knock them out.  Thankfully, it worked.  God I love punching enemies in the face.

Matt: Right, but no assassinations?  That’s kind of disappionting

Aaron: Oh yeah, that is a little sad.  You’d think they’d have just a little extra effect, a little nuance that would make you that much happier when you got the drop on someone.

We’re going to steal … THE MOON!

Aaron: It was hard to gauge what’s to be expected with PvP when there’s only one game mode on a few maps.

Matt: But man it was fun.

Aaron: Absolutely.  I remember in the Alpha i was playing Capture on the Earth map.  I had my Warlock and used the glide ability to pop over a wall that someone thought was safe, ripped him apart.

Matt: My best kill was during Capture on Shores of Time.  With my Titan, I used the jetpack lift to the small island behind the B flag position and used the Barbarian leap slam from that island to kill a few people and take the flag.  I jumped off of my couch and went nuts.

Matt: Which reminds me — the supers charge way too slow.  We’re playing a fantasy shooter on different planets and my magic ability recharges maybe twice a game?  What’s with that?

Aaron: I didnt really get far enough in the Beta to use it, but I definitely noticed that in the Alpha.  It should be faster, but I can see why Bungie did it that way.  Since it’s so powerful, so devastating, if you can do the supers too quickly, it could become pretty unfair.

Matt: Yeah, I can see that.

Aaron: But they are pretty tough to use, or at least the Warlock’s baseball throw is.  Good luck if you if you have to aim that thing mid-air.  I ended up looking like Chuck Knoblauch out there

If you had Chuck Knoblauch in your fantasy blog mention league, congratulations.

Matt: What about the UI?  It was so clean and simple, kind of like Windows with all of the boxes.

Aaron: It’s so pretty.  I love how you can use the stick to move around.  You don’t have to go through layers of menus and back out five times to get where you want.  I think that will make it a lot easier to navigate.

Matt: Speaking of navigate, sparrows are AWESOME.  I really hope they add some sparrow races, because I can see myself doing those all day long.

Aaron: I so badly wish that they could go up literally any incline.  I don’t know how many times I flipped my sparrow trying to go up the smallest hill, then spent time trying to re-flip it and conquer the two inch bump in the road.

Matt: Before I forget, we have to mention the ball.

Aaron: OH!!! THE BALL!

Pictured: the ball

Matt: Tell the people.

Aaron: So. I found this ball near the gunsmith in the Tower.  It’s basically one of those cheap, rubbery balls you see at Target in the summer in those cages for $1.  I was bouncing it all around with my head, FIFA style, and a few other players joined me.  Then, I tried to get cute and see if it would respawn by hitting it off the edge of the Tower, but it didn’t.  I was so sad.

Matt: Real quick — the lack of chat is disturbing.


Aaron: Wait, what?

Matt: You couldn’t talk to anyone that was’nt on your team specifically/

Aaron: That blows.  I hope that gets fixed for launch.

Matt: Me too. I’ve met so many awesome people in random pre-game chat lobbies.

Aaron: And then you play with that guy for a few hours and become best friends for a night?  Ugh, that needs to come back.

Matt: Overall, still excited?

Aaron: So, so pumped. Still taking the day off from work, possibly taking a small nap midday, then continuing to play the rest of the day.


September 9. Be there. I will be.

So, did you jump into the Destiny beta?  Maybe just watch someone else play?  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below!


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