It’s April Fool’s day, which means nothing on the internet can be trusted.  That is especially true in the world of video games, where many prominent studios and teams come up with some downright dirty stories.  Some things do end up being legit, though, as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was first seen on April Fool’s day last year.  Aside from the old standby of Half Life 3 being confirmed, which this Swedish retailer actually ran with, here are my favorites from this year:

It’s April Fool’s day, so be careful what you believe!

5) Call of Duty: Ghosts adds new game modes

The developers for Call of Duty: Ghosts have decided to go all-in on the stereotypes that their fanbase is made of, opting to rename all game modes to the likes of PEW PEW, YOLO, and Bro, Do u even cap?  I don’t play CoD, but word is the gamemodes have simply been renamed.  I still think it’s pretty neat.

4) BioWare adds some new Mass Effect gear

Trouble falling asleep at night?  Never fear — everyone’s favorite Turian is here!  With the Garrus body pillow by your side, you’ll be able to calibrate for a dream-filled eight hours without a problem.

3) Path of Exile is now Pay-to-Win

One of the driving forces behind Path of Exile’s success was it’s free-to-play model, promising that all microtransactions would be purely cosmetic.  Well, times are tough for us all, so Path of Exile has finally adopted the pay-to-win model.  Players can now buy literal wins, but only for today.

2) Google recruits Pokemon trainers from around the world

Clearly influenced by Michael Cresci’s revisiting of Kanto, Google is calling all Pokemon trainers to scour the globe in search of all 150 (or more) Pokemon.  It’s not so much an April Fool’s joke as it is a good way to burn some time.  Pokemon are being found all over the world, from New York to Paris and Tokyo.  See if you can catch ’em all!

1) Blizzard Outcasts

Blizzard tends to go all out on April Fool’s day and this year was no exception.  Fans across all of their major IPs will be happy to hear about Blizzard Outcasts, a fighting game starring such beloved characters as Jim Raynor’s wife, a Baneling, and Deckard Cain.  The controller above will help players maximize their play and even comes equipped with a credit card swiper.  The days of having to punch in your information for a microtransaction are over!


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