After Season 1 was so good that it made me cry, it’s a no-brainer (heh) that I would get into the second season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead as soon as I could.  I think it’s kind of silly to do a review a 90 minute piece of content that’s only 20% of a whole story, I’ve decided to do a live blog.  That means that, by default, this post will be riddled with spoilers, so please read on at your own risk.  *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

If she dies at the end… I don’t even know

0:00 — We start off with a recap of my choices from season 1.  It’s still not easy to watch Lee slowly fade away.

0:02 — Clem is with Omid and Christa at a gas station.  She is super-mega pregnant.

0:04 — Really?  I’m going to go into a gas station bathroom alone as an 11-year old girl?  Such is life in the post-apocalypse world, I guess.

0:06 — Oh shit… someone just walked in.  Clem climbed up on a toilet, but the robber found her.

0:07 — No you can’t have my hat you piece of garbage.

0:09 — Omid just snuck in the room.  Hopefully he will save me!

0:10 — The robber freaked out and killed Omid.  Christa came in soon after and blasted the robber before weeping over Omid’s body.  I’m not that torn up seeing as they were the least emotionally-attached characters for me in season 1.

0:12 — It’s 16 months later now.  Clem and Christa are trying to start a fire in the woods but having a hard time.  Christa isn’t pregnant anymore, but there’s no baby around.  I don’t wanna know.  Clem seems a little taller and her voice is a bit deeper.

0:15 — Clem hears two guys swearing in the woods.  They found Christa, but I decided to distract them so we could bolt.

0:18 — One of the assholes found me.  Clem nearly bit his thumb clean off!  Jesus.

0:21 — Great… I fell into and started floating down a river.

0:22 – Clem wakes up, clearly very afraid and cold, and literally up the creek without a paddle.  If it’s possible to be any deeper shit, I don’t want to know how.

0:24 — Clem is much quieter than Lee.  While he would have a little quip for any investigate/action point, Clem is mostly silent.

0:25 — SERIOUSLY?!  Three minutes ago I think Clem is as screwed as screwed can be, but now I come across a sign to beware of wildlife.  I have to look out for zombies AND bears now.

Or dare I say it … ZOMBIE BEARS?!

0:27 — Clem finds a dog named Sam.  I don’t like the idea of a snarling, barking animal in the zombie-infested woods, but we’ll see.

0:30 — The child in Clem is coming out.  She is very worried about Sam, even talking to him to try and calm him (and herself) down.

0:32 — Clem explains to Sam that the walker on the tree is nothing to worry about because they are smarter and faster than the walker.  I think Lee told her that.  Too soon, man, too soon.  She took the knife out of the walker after beating it over the head with a huge stick.

0:35 — GOD DAMNIT SAM SHE WAS TRYING TO HELP YOU.  Clem found a can of beans and knelt down to feed Sam some, but he got too aggressive and started attacking.  Clem kicked him off, but he (surprise surprise) landed on some spikes.  I decided to end Sam’s suffering, unlike how I handled Lee’s situation.

0:38 — Sam’s bite was pretty deep.  Clem was starting to go unconscious, but two men happened to come by right when some walkers were coming up on her.

0:41 — Clem passed out while being carried by the pretty boy of the pair, Luke.  I don’t like this guy.

0:45 — The group is arguing about what to do with Clem when she wakes up.  Turns out Luke is on my side.  Clem tries to explain that it’s a bite from a dog and that she need’s help, but the group agrees it’s best to keep her in a shed until morning just in case she turns.

0:48 — Suckers!  Clem busted out of the shed and is going to break into the group’s house to get medical supplies for her arm.

0:53 — After much convincing and whining, the fat guy agrees to help me.  He gave me some bandages AND AN APPLE JUICE BOX.  YES.

Things are starting to look up

0:59 — Clem straight up breaks into the house through a trap door.  She’s getting bold in her old age.

1:01 — I can hear the group in the kitchen through the door.  They keep mentioning this guy, Carver.  They seem very scared of him.

1:04 — Clem ran into the little girl of the group, Sarah, after finding a needle in the bathroom.  She seems … strange, somehow.  She agreed to get me some hydrogen peroxide, though.

1:07 — Alright, Sarah is super clingy.  She emphatically made Clem promise to be best friends with her and even resorted to the pinky swear.

1:09 — You know how the stairs in your house are never louder than when you are trying to sneak in or out?  Totally true when Clem tries to sneak back out with her supplies.

1:11 — Alright, we are back in the shed.  Time to sew up Clem’s arm.  As she puts it, “this is gonna suck.”

1:12 — Ewwww this is so gross.  Poor Clem.

1:14 — I decided Clem needed a quick shot of juice box before continuing with surgery.  It was so adorable!

1:19 — After a lengthy fight with a walker, the group comes out and sees me pulling the claw end of a hammer from it’s face.  Clem politely asked, “can I come in the house now?  Please?”

Cue the CSI: Miami theme song

1:22 — Carlos, the group’s doctor and also Sarah’s father, patches Clem up the rest of the way.  He also implores her to stay away from Sarah because she would “just shut down” if she knew what was really happening in the world today.

1:25 — Nick, a.k.a. Mr. T-Shirt With Attached Long Sleeve Undershirt, decided to apologize for being such an asshole.  His backstory is very similar to Clementine’s — he had someone he loved dearly turn right in front of him but couldn’t do anything about it.

1:29 — Alright, I get the whole “raging with hormones” deal, but the pregnant woman Rebecca is a serious bitch.  She’s convinced Clem is some kind of spy for another group.

1:33 — The group elder Pete is taking Clem and Nick out in the woods to fish for dinner.

1:35 — Whoa!  A group of dead bodies, all riddled with bullet holes.  Pete mentions that this doesn’t look like a run-of-the-mill scuffle.

1:40 — One of the bodies, who turns out to still be alive, had Clem’s backpack.  She recognizes him as one of the guys from the woods when she got separated from Christa and starts asking questions.

1:42 — But before we learn anything, shit hits the fan.  I decide to help Pete over Nick, even though I think Pete got bit in the leg.  Nick ran back towards the camp while Pete and Clem ran deeper into the woods.

Don’t keep us in the cold too long, Telltale

And with that, Season 2 Episode 1 is complete.  I’ll give it a 7.5/10.  You get to play as Clementine and meet a whole cast of new people, but it’s a lot of set up without much reward, although that should be expected in the first episode of a five-part series.  If season 1 is any indication, we are in for one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

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