In case you missed it, I wrote two other articles detailing my initial reactions

The latest iteration of Pokemon has been out almost a month now and it’s still got a firm hold of me.  I’ve detailed a lot of my feelings in my two previous articles (linked above).  First time players and those who haven’t played since early generations may ask what there is to do after the main game is over.  I say the game is just beginning.  *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

*wink wink nudge nudge*

Breeding has been in Pokemon for years.  The drill is simple — leave either a male and female or a Ditto and the Pokemon you want to receive with the Day Care.  After a while, the man outside will tell you your Pokemon was holding an egg that mysteriously showed up.  You take it, walk around a while, and boom — a newly hatched Pokemon.  One of the best features in X/Y is the incredibly long, straight stretch outside of the Day Care.  You can ride your bike left to right a long, long ways before having to turn around.  Pro tip — keep a Pokemon with Flame Body (my Slugma had it) with me while you are hatching to cut the step count to hatch in half.

Once you eventually get the Pokemon you want, it’s time to train.  I recommend the newly introduced Super Training.  Super Training is a new (and better, if you ask me) way to EV train your Pokemon.  You essentially play mini-games to raise your Pokemon’s base stats.  It’s less tedious, less frustrating (don’t have to find specific Pokemon to fight), and it seems faster.  Where a level up normally nets you 1-2 in a stat or 3 if you’re lucky, an EV-trained Pokemon can easily get 4+ per level in trained stat.  Here’s my how-to:

  • If you can afford it, buy 10 of each of the vitamins for the stat you will be training.  Vitamins can be bought in Laverre City.  Each vitamin raises a base stat by 10 and each base stat can be raised by 100 by vitamins.
  • Pick a “Fully Trained Pokemon”.  A small icon of a flexing guy will be in the top left corner of the bottom screen.  After beating the game, your starter and most of your main team should be considered fully trained.
  • Use this Pokemon to play the level 1 game of the stat you are raising.  You should be able to beat each game in 3-4 shots.
  • Use all size-L bags of the stat you want to raise on the Pokemon you are training.  Size-M bags aren’t too bad, but don’t waste your time on the size-S ones.
  • Repeat until you are told the Pokemon’s base stat can’t go any higher.
A friendly Scizor raises his attack stat.

While breeding and during your playthrough, you’ll get a bunch of Pokemon you have no intention of using.  This is where Wonder Trade comes into play.  It’s a simple premise, really — put up a Pokemon for trade and get back a random one in return.  I put up almost all of my wrong-natured Pokemon for Wonder Trade.  Sure, you get some garbage, but sometimes you get some pretty good Pokemon back.  I managed to get a Relaxed Steelix and a Fennekin, to name a few.

Maybe you aren’t into the whole competitive scene.  This handy guide from IGN has a list of things you can do, like how to get the remaining Mega Stones.  I was able to get them all in one run with a little hurry.  There’s also the Battle Maison, this generation’s version of Black/White’s Battle Subway.  There’s the Friend Safari, which I haven’t delved into yet, but I hear is pretty great.  It translates DS Friend Codes into catchable Pokemon.  There are, of course, various legendaries to catch and even another line of quests awaiting you in Lumiose City.  Quick note on the legendaries — Mewtwo is an asshole.  He has Recover and is not afraid to use it to a maddening degree.

It sure as hell feels good to catch it, though.

Pokemon is as fun as ever.  It’s really two distinct games: the main story with the badges and the world saving, and the post-game with competitive battling and searches for legendaries.  It’s this formula that both brings in new kids and keeps veterans like me around.  Happy hunting!


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