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Welcome to the second chapter in the new series that’s sweeping the nation, Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary.  In our first chapter, Pranteri the female wizard fought bravely all the way to King Leoric, who was no match for our heroine.  What diabolical (eh? eh?) things lie in wait?  Let’s not waste any more time:

Prepare to dance ... WITH SWORDS
Prepare to dance … WITH SWORDS

9:22pm — I’m on the lookout for the only thing totally-not-Tyrael can remember — a sword that broke apart during his fall.

9:24pm — People talking on general chat?  What the hell is going on here?!

9:25pm — I did not miss the poison-bomb trees.  God damn things.

9:27pm — An ally!  Toxemiclesta, the demon hunter.  He’s also a first time HC player.  Together, evil doesn’t stand a chance.

Friends don't let friends kill demons alone.
Friends don’t let friends kill demons alone.

9:29pm — The first sword piece is ours!  Mothman Maghda makes her first appearance, as well.

9:33pm — We found the second follower, Lyndon the Scoundrel.  He voice reminds me of Bronn from Game of Thrones.  We help save his “beloved” before he opts to join our party.

9:38pm — Tox and I run into a bit of a rough spot looking for the first of two beacons that will open the way to the next sword piece.  Thankfully, Wave of Force saves the day.

9:42pm — The second beacon is much easier.  On to that second sword piece.

*Pew pew* *Pew pew* *Waaaaaaaaah*
*Pew pew* *Pew pew* *Waaaaaaaaah*

9:47pm — OH SHIT.  One of the three guardian brothers of the second sword piece had the “explode after death” passive.  Took me down to about 1/3 life.

9:50pm — Tox is from LA.  Maybe some day he’ll catch a flight to Paris.


9:55pm — I don’t understand why this first “event quest” even exists.  This alchemist wants you to deliver something to someone who is no more than 30 steps away.  He’s not even a screen’s distance away.  Whatever.  Into the creepy spider cavern we go.

9:58pm — Our first treasure goblin!  Little bastard tried to get away but them dollars are ours.

Dolla dolla bills, indeed.

10:10pm — Bleh, these spiders freak me out.  When the hell are we getting outta here?

10:11pm — We found a creepy dude who wanted us to “feel her loving embrace”, her being the spider boss we’re about to fight.  Finally, they can be together like Matchstick and the Firehawk.

10:14pm — Queen Araneae put up a good fight with her poison nova and add-on enemies, but we ultimately make it through.

10:17pm — Enemies are starting to hit pretty hard, now.  Definitely need to keep more of an eye on the health bar.

10:20pm — Tox and I make our way through a winding trail of goatmen.  Reminds me of the Arcane Sanctuary in D2.

10:25pm — Tried to move on while Tox was still in town.  Won’t be trying that again.

End of chapter 2 -- there will be a chapter 3!  Woo!
End of chapter 2 — there will be a chapter 3! Woo!

Tox had to go and I just found the Northern Highlands waypoint, so this is as good a time as any to call it quits.  Playing with someone else was definitely fun.  The monsters were tougher and we each had a few “save your back” moments.  All in all, we found a couple of totally-not-Tyrael’s sword pieces before Maghda stole them, murdered Cain, and kidnapped totally-not-Tyrael.  Keep an eye out for Pranteri and friends in chapter 3!


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