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Weekend Forecast

Weekend Forecast, 2018-04-27: God of War, Hearthstone, OWL

I’m back!  After a 228 day absence (wow) I’m making a return to my blog.  I got too caught up in posting something every week and writing became more of […]

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Sonic Mania — Review

Sonic games tend to come in two flavors: classic chubby Sonic and modern tall/slim Sonic.  Modern Sonic will get his chance to shine later this year in Sonic Forces.  Fans […]

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Absolver — Review

Fireballs and swords are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty with some good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat.  Absolver, the debut game from […]

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Overwatch Season 5 Recap — Horizon Lunar Colony, Doomfist, Summer Games 2017

Season five of Overwatch gave us a little bit of everything: a new map, a new hero, and an event.  The official Overwatch League is also starting to formalize with […]

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice — Review

The general idea of Ninja Theory’s latest game, a AAA-level title with roughly half the playtime at half the price, caught my eye.  The premise of a Celtic warrior who […]

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Persona 5 — Review

I’m pinch-reviewing for Matt this week because, as you can see, this guy cranks out reviews almost on a weekly basis.  That’s tough when it comes to a JRPG, especially […]

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Pyre — Review

After making Bastion my one and only 100% completion game on Xbox 360 and enjoying Transistor nearly as much, I couldn’t wait to see what Supergiant Games would make next. […]

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Vainglory — Review

The popularity of MOBA games is undeniable.  What started as a custom map in Warcraft III has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry complete with full-time professional teams, competitive seasons, […]